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Higher Purpose Empowerment

Our Mission

To strengthen underserved and at-risk communities by empowering them through education, youth empowerment and fighting hunger one meal at a time. 

Our Programs

The Dream that Feeds.

     Our Community Meal Program is the heart and soul of Is It a Dream’s mission. We welcome everyone to our family table. For us, It’s more than meals; it’s helping our neighbors! Anyone in need of a meal can arrive at our meal sites during their service time to receive ready-to-eat food. We welcome them as our guests in an atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and support.


      By providing meals monthly, we create community together. Meals are open to all, and no sign-in is required. This work is supported by funding from The Soul Food Twist, a catering experience provided by It Is a Dream Inc. Community Meals make it easy for people in need to access healthy, comforting meals. 


We want to help fight

hunger in our community!

Dream Academy. 

​   A program that provide young people with the critical skills they need to excel, avoid at-risk behavior and become engaged members in their communities. It aims to cultivate the kind of transformational growth and commitment that will lead to economic self-sufficiency and improved quality of life. We value education as a key component for living a healthier and more prosperous life.

We provide:


  • Mentoring

  • Financial Education

  • Job Readiness Training

  • Community Engagement Project

One Youth at a time!

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